The Eroes & Colleagues law firm team welcomes you to their site.

We serve private and corporate clients

We advise and represent both private citizens and businesses – from startups to established companies.


Competent advice – full representation

In addition to legal advice, we offer extra-judicial and judicial representation, in every instance.

Our core competencies

Commercial Law

As a service provider, we offer comprehensive and goal-oriented solutions for your entrepreneurial and business activities.

Criminal Law

Whether a misdemeanor or a criminal offense, the repercussions of coming into conflict with the law can come about swiftly – for this reason, professional help through an efficient criminal defense is absolutely necessary.

Copyright and Trademark Law

The protection of intellectual property and commercial property rights is becoming increasingly important in our digitized information society - we represent your interests.

Employment Law

We advise employees and employers et al on the subject of dismissals, employment contracts, employer obligations, employee protection, and employment law.

Tenancy Law

No matter if tenant or landlord, we advise you on the assertion and defense of claims under rental law etc., in the areas of lease termination, utility bills management, rent increases and property damages.

Immigration Law

We advise in a multitude of languages on foreigner and asylum law etc., in visa matters, in asylum procedures or in granting a residence permit.

If you are right, you can afford to keep calm; if you are wrong, you cannot afford to lose calm.

Mahatma Gandhi

If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.


It is not enough to have truth on your side; you must also be strong enough to defend it.

Duke of Chaim