Criminal Law

Criminal Law

In almost no other area of the law is it as important to have a lawyer by your side as in criminal cases. The consequences of losing a criminal case can have a devastating impact on your future. Contacting a defense lawyer as soon as possible is certainly the first step you should take.

Für uns ist „Verteidiger” nicht nur eine Berufsbezeichnung, sondern oberste Maxime unseres Handelns.

Defense lawyer Urs Eroes can be reached 24/7 in urgent cases such as a house search or arrest under the following emergency number: 0179 – 473 99 17 Notfall-Nummer: 0179 – 473 99 17

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Urs Erös

Lawyer Telefon 0941 – 897 926 77 Mobil: 0179 – 473 99 17